Friday, April 23, 2010

knitting Socks

I love to knit when I sit and watch TV. Don't know how many pairs of socks I have made but still have a waiting list of wanters. My mom loves them and always wants a new pair. I just finished a pair for her knit with Plymouth Encore yarn. Love this yarn and plan to grab more at my local yarn shop next week.

Running As Fast As I Can!

The past few weeks have been busy, busy, busy! My new baby puppy is a little sweetheart but I forgot how much work they are! The girls (other 2) don't care for her because she wants to play all the time and the 5 cats don't want to be bothered with her either. Lucy is a 3 month old black and white Shih Tzu.
Jessie, my American Eskimo was malled by a very large Chow and had surgery and has a major scar but she is doing fine. Gracie, one of my kitties had to be shaved and today had to go back for an eye injury. Most likely from Lucy trying to play with him.
This is Lucy!

I haven't gotten many cards done but did do a couple of scrapbook pages for my granddaughter's albums and 2 pages for my own album. I also got 5 chemo caps sewn and will be taking them to two Cancer Care centers. I did drop off a set of 4 cards to help raise money for a local animal shelter. So, as I said, busy, busy, busy. Here are a few of my cards.