Saturday, October 23, 2010

Been a busy day!

Super busy day today, worked at church for our annual holiday chicken stew lunch and craft sale. I worked the craft tables, my favorite place to be! A good day, I really enjoyed it and got to talk with so many nice people and catch up with a few friends I have not seen in awhile. Been finishing up my cards for the soldiers this last week. will get them mailed off and start thank you cards for a local animal rescue organization. I offered to make them thank you cards for "strut your mut" fund raiser on Oct. 30th. I can't attend the walk and all the fun (I am teaching a card class) but will do lots of thank you cards for them  Also working on cotton head covers for the cancer center when I go for my next chemo. Will be making cards of hope to take along also. The head covers and cards never last long!  I make cotton head covers that have elastic and a cute little tie in the back and just slip on so easily. I wore them constantly when I lost my hair. During winter months I make them lined with flannel for added warmth. As you can see I have lots to do in the next few months. Never bored!

This is a picture of my beautiful oldest grandaughter Jenny and her husband Zach. He is stationed in Japan and arrived home for a month leave just a few hours before this picture was taken. Jenny is still waiting to join him in Japan. Soon we are all hoping! They have been apart for a year. So good to see them together!

Lucy and her first bath and grooming!
Poor baby! She was so scared. She didn't know what was happening and very frightened. She has since adjusted to the visits to the beauty shop and knows it's nothing to fear.

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