Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Holiday Card

Just made two of these last night and like them more than I thought I would. A slight sparkle to the snowflakes that is really pretty. I like the country, candy, festive look of them. Will make more for cards for soldiers program for next year and put them away since I am in a holiday crafting mood.

I am excited about tomorrow! Meeting with a group of ladies that are interested in making cards for soldiers. I have wanted to get a group together for awhile now. If all goes well we will be making cards for the soldiers  along with cards for other groups like the veteran homes, recovering soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Some of the cards are given to them to use to send home to family and friends and are blank and others are actually written to soldiers that are wounded, disabled, etc. We also hope to make head covers for cancer patients. I went through very long hard chemo 2 years ago and lost all my hair so I know what it is like to want something pretty  to put on. When I was strong enough I started making cotton hearcovers to take with me when I went for chemo. They would be gone by the time I left that day! I have been in follow-up chemo for two years now and continue to make and take them every time I go. I also give them to anyone that is in need be it local or putting some in the mail. Would love prayers for this group to be successfull. I will update my blog as to our progress.

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