Friday, August 17, 2007

Summer Activities At Mainely Twigs

Hard to believe summer is turning into Fall here in Northern Maine. The cool evenings are upon us and it's great sleeping weather! I love Fall most of all.

Here at Mainely Twigs I am gearing up to start gathering twigs and other natural supplies to fill my storage room. I enjoy this part of my business most of all because I can be out in the beautiful sunny fall days. My two little doggies love it too because it means they can go into the fields with me. I have a miniature beagle (Queenie)and an american eskimo (Jessie). They love running around the fields investigating all the great new smells while I gather my twigs. We always have fun and go home tired!

New Wreaths!
I have added some new wreaths over the summer. You can now get pip berry wreaths! Lots of colors to choose from. I will also be making swags with pip berries. Here is a picture of one made with yellow pip berries.


Jess12 said...

What a beautiful wreath. I have never seen such a delicate wreath--there have been a few close to it in a small town in Pa. They have a website I

Misty Cee said...

I love this wreath! It is seriously so pretty. pip berry wreaths are my favorite type of wreath. Thanks for the blog about them!! :)